A Facebook's Clone?

The Another Three Popular Social Network Sites in China

Source: Social Beat Interpreting Innovation
    The fierce competition among the top four social network sites in China plays a vital role in the optimization of the usage of each site. Besides, the other three are:

Kaixin001: attracted white collar professionals by focusing on fun and social games, like Kaixin farm and parking cars, etc. People can only register with the referral from current users. 
Qzone: target young teenagers via cross-promotional traffic via QQ Messenger started strong in lower tier cities

     Along with, these top four social sites mostly target different locations in China. For instance, Kaixin001 and Renren are more popular in the first and second tier cities. This would be a crucial clue for future advertisers to target their audience via the most fit channel.    

      According to the result from interviews on social network sites with 3007 participants across China in July 2009 conductedy by Chinese Internet Network Information Center, Qzone has 22% market share of social network users, Renren has 17%, Kaixin001 12%, and 51.con 12%. In particular, Kaixin001's users are pretty active.