A Facebook's Clone?
     is a leading social network in China, which started out as a Facebook clone with quite similar interface, layout and logo in 2005. According to the research from the first Social Network System Application Consulting Firm AppLeap in China, until February in 2010, has already had 120 million registered users. 
 positions itself as the most real and efficient social network platform in China, which aims to help users to connect with their old friends and make new friends. is now owned by Oak Pacific Interactive.
          It began with the name of Xiaonei, which means "on campus" in Chinese. Obviously, like Facebook, it started as a social network site targeting college students. Until August in 2009, it changed its name to, which means "everybody". This progress definitely shows Oak Pacific Interactive's ambition to expand its market share.
          So... What is the truth about Is it really a clone of Facebook? What are the perception of from its users? How much do they like What are the users' identities on How do they like the applications? What are the potential development and advertising opportunities for this social network site?
          This microsite 101 is designed for a class project Emerging Media by graduate student Yiting Mao in Marquette University, which aims to explore some differences between the development of social network in China and the U.S..