A Facebook's Clone?

Potential Opportunities for Advertising on Social Media 

 "The Bright Eleven" campaign is a sneak peak of the starting of usage of social media among advertising industry in China. Advertising in China is still largely dominated by traditional media; so there are a lot of potential opportunities to be explored. 
  • Currently, the two main types of advertising on include:
    Banner: The online banners shown up on the main homepage or the profile page
    Product Placement: For a lot of game apps on and other social media sites in China, a lot of advertisers sponsor and develop game apps based on their products, like a diary company's logo in the game "happy farm", various auto companies' cars  in a parking game, KFC beverage in an drinking contest game, etc.
    Events: This is relatively weak compared with the other two, since most events on now are just coupon and new products information updated by advertisers, which lack of interaction with consumers.
  • Potential opportunities:
    Integration: There are two parts of integration: 
           The integration of traditional media and social media. The promotion and execution of a campaign could be all done through both types of media, which depends on the target audience. 
           The integration of all social media. Publicize the new event through all channels of social media. For example, people are able to easily share the video on via rather than pasting the link by themselves. The advertiser's websites provide direct links that would drive users to their profile pages or campaigns launched on social media. 
    The creation of profile page on social media
            Based on my research and interview with some social media users, they are less likely to follow any brands or products on social media. However, they would like to follow some TV shows or celebrities.  Jeremy also told us, "Most brand followers enjoy very high brand loyalty. Otherwise, they are current product/service customers."  
            People are always looking for benefits for every move. So do consumers. If advertisers would be able motivate consumers through entertainment, emotional connection, excellent customer service, price initiatives, etc at a regular basis, consumers are more likely to become the followers.