A Facebook's Clone?

      China and the United States share different culture and history, so regarding to their own dominating social network, Renren and Facebook do have a lot of difference in their features and functions. 
       Facebook is pretty good at sharing links and photos. It also has strong connection and relationship with other websites. For example, whenever I saw a good articles on, I can
easily click the "Like" button and share it with my friends on Facebook, which will be publicized on their News Feed. Additionally, a lot of e-commerce sites all support the "Like" button via Facebook, like Amazon, eBay, Sears, Victoria Secret, Levls, Coach Factory, etc.    
        However, is better at providing users a platform to write out their thoughts. Instead of "Notes", Renren has its writing application "Rizhi", which means "Journal" or "Log". The difference might derive from the cultural differences in how people like to express themselves. Users on are more likely to write longer entries to express themselves in a personal way. However, on Facebook, people are less likely to feel comfortable and be willing to express themselves.