A Facebook's Clone? Timeline

   There are a couple stages along the way of's development that should be highlighted.
  • A social network site started from targeting college students, which is similar with the establishment of Facebook. Even though it's open to the public now, when registration, user still need to start from the college they are currently enrolled or they graduated from. will suggest friends you might know based on users' educational background.
  • The change of the name from to
    This is a quite crucial signal from Oak Pacific Interactive which shows its ambition to dominate China's social network markets. Renren means "everyone", which indicates that Oak Pacific Interactive plans to attract everyone to be on
  • The new Application: Couple's Page
    The profile page on social network site is a way to present user's personal identity. From my opinion, the new application "couple's page" is quite interesting for further exploration regarding with personal communication in romantic relationship as well as how do they identify themselves in the public. .